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Daily Mail Online is the official app from the Daily Mail that, just like the website, offers all the news you're interested in. In the app settings you can choose where you live (United Kingdom, United States, or Rest of World) in order to customize the news you receive.

The app is very simple and straightforward, letting you quickly access all the Daily Mail's sections. You just have to swipe your finger from left to right in order to go to a different section. Sports, politics, science, relationships ... you can jump from one to another in two seconds.

Daily Mail Online has a lot of interesting options that let you read the news even when you're not connected to the Internet. You can tick articles to read offline at any time, and also deactivate images when you aren't connected to WiFi so your 3G will only load the text.

Daily Mail Online is a good app to stay connected to news from around the world. The editorial line might be an acquired taste, but the design of the app itself is perfectly proper.
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